If there is one misconception around wrongful death lawsuits, it is that some people have the false belief that they center around making money off of a tragedy. The families that get left behind in the wake of a terrible accident are not only grieving the loss of someone they loved, but they have the added stress and insurmountable pressure connected to their existing financial obligations. The indirect victims of these accidents are struggling emotionally while still trying to find ways of providing for their families, especially if the person who passed away was their source of income. 

Rent and mortgage payments still need to get paid, and any debt left behind by the deceased doesn’t get erased. Life continues on in a very real and frightening way. These families may get a slight sense of relief when they discover they can file a civil lawsuit against the person, people, or entity that acted negligently or engaged in misconduct. After learning their ability to pursue a wrongful death suit, their next question is how much they can expect to receive. This is not out of greed but rather out of need. The lawsuit could provide them with the means to keep their family afloat. 

How is the Amount Determined?

When you ask an attorney a general legal question, you will likely get this response: it depends. If you want to know how much money you will receive in a wrongful death lawsuit, our answer would be the same. We understand the gravity of your situation, and our firm would never do anything to minimize what you are experiencing. There are too many unknown factors and variables to give you an accurate answer. However, we can tell you what the court will look at. 

For instance, there are several quantifiable and objective ways to determine a settlement amount, assuming you and your attorney are successful with your lawsuit.

  • How much did your family have to pay regarding medical expenses?
  • How much did the funeral and burial services cost?
  • How much income did your family lose?

Previously, we mentioned that there were other variables to consider. If you lost your spouse due to someone’s negligence, the court would look at your spouse’s age and health. These factors can influence the amount of your settlement. However, your personal injury attorney will ensure you receive what you are entitled to and quantify the loss you feel and the pain you have lived with because of the accident. 

Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney with Trial Experience 

Beaty Legal, PLLC, is accustomed to handling wrongful death suits and has extensive trial experience. We never forget that WE SERVE YOU and that our role is to help you during your time of need. Attorney Trevor Beaty will take your case where it needs to go and will not settle until he feels you are getting what you are entitled to. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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