After you get injured in an accident at work, your priority should be to get proper medical treatment. In an emergency, you don’t want to split your attention between getting to a doctor and worrying about whether you are taking the appropriate steps to preserve your claim. In the past, we have written about why it is essential to keep your medical appointments because you have a record of the injuries you sustained. 

If and when you are injured at work, there could be significant medical bills to deal with. This could be connected to doctor visits, ambulance rides, and follow-on treatment such as prescription medication and physical therapy. You need to ensure you are compensated for these costs, and you also want to be seen by medical professionals you can trust. It is common for people to ask whether they can see the doctor of their choice. 

Some people may be concerned that the company will send them to a doctor that favors the business over the employee. Additionally, the employees may worry that if they don’t follow the correct treatment procedures, an insurance company (workers’ comp) may refuse to pay. 

What Should I Do After An Accident at Work?

In the case of an emergency, you need to find the closest doctor that can help you. Under these circumstances, focus on getting to a hospital rather than worrying about your claim. Although states handle workplace injuries differently, Texas will not allow you to see a doctor of your choice. In a non-emergency, you will have a list of doctors approved by the workers’ compensation board. 

With that said, what happens if you encounter a doctor you feel is too connected to the company to give you impartial medical treatment? This is a concern that we identified in the opening section. You can request to see a different doctor if you have a valid reason, and if your doctor cannot be impartial, that would constitute one. Other valid reasons would be if the doctor has a poor reputation, isn’t helping your condition, or doesn’t work with your types of injuries. 

Speak with a Professional Personal Injury Attorney 

You will encounter hurdles along the way. For instance, what if you are issued an impairment rating that is too low, or your company refuses to let you see another doctor despite a conflict of interest? These are challenges that an experienced personal injury attorney will help you overcome. When you work with Beaty Legal, PLLC, you can take comfort in knowing that you will always have someone looking out for your interests and advocating for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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