Personal Injury Attorneys Must Understand Insurance Companies

For anyone who has been injured due to the negligence of others, you need an attorney who has experience with trial law and insurance companies. Although most personal injury cases will not have to go to court, great trial attorneys recognize when they need to. For the issues that get resolved outside of court, have an attorney who knows the tactics insurance companies use to win cases. 

At Beaty Legal, we are very open about how we used to work for insurance companies. Your attorney’s experience can be your most significant asset when it comes to fighting your personal injury case. Lawyers who possess backgrounds like ours have the upper hand because they know how insurance companies evaluate claims, determine settlement amounts, and when the appropriate time to push back is.

How Insurance Companies Get Easy Wins

We mentioned above that we understand how insurance companies determine settlement amounts. People who have been injured may be contacted (rather quickly) by an insurance company offering a settlement. The money is right there, and all you have to do is sign. Is the amount they are offering reasonable? You will never know until you speak to an attorney—which you should do before accepting a settlement. 

Another scenario that warrants discussion is being asked by an insurance company to release your medical records. They need to ask you because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This federal law prevents people from accessing or sharing your personal medical information without your consent. If someone contacts you asking for you to release your medical records (especially after an accident) speak with an attorney first. 

If you are being asked to give up a right, your attorney will advise you whether this is in your best interest. There could be something in your past medical history that could harm your case. If you were in a car accident where you seriously injured your knee, have you sustained knee injuries previously? Someone may try to connect your past issue to your current one in an effort to deny your claim—and you may have given them the ability to do so by releasing your records. Instead, keep your records between you and your healthcare providers. Allow a doctor to evaluate, treat, and speak to your injuries. 

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