TBI is short for traumatic brain injury. Anyone who suffers a head injury needs to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a TBI. Not only are TBIs potentially life-changing injuries, but the impact they have on you can worsen over time. For others, the symptoms may not surface immediately. This can have a tremendous effect on personal injury clients, especially those who accept a settlement only to discover they are facing long-term issues stemming from a TBI after taking the offer. 

It is crucial to speak with an attorney after receiving an offer for a settlement. Your attorney will assess if the offer is justifiable given your injuries, the medical costs connected to treatment, and the pain and suffering you could endure throughout your life. If you have experienced a head injury, allow your attorney to fight for the compensation you may need. These are some of the things you should be aware of regarding TBIs.

Signs & Symptoms 

Because we are discussing TBIs, it is important to note the difference between signs and symptoms. Signs are physical manifestations of your injury that your physician can see or detect. For example, loss of coordination is a sign of a TBI. Symptoms are generally subjective and felt by the patient. Many people who have had TBIs say they lost their sense of smell. This would be a symptom because it gets felt by the patient and conveyed to the doctor. 

We bring this up because there are many symptoms associated with TBIs, and you will need to explain to your doctor which ones you are experiencing. Here are some of the signs and symptoms related to severe TBIs:

  • Your pupils should be equal, round, and responsive to light. After a head injury, they may be dilated (unresponsive to light), or only one eye may be dilated (unequal).
  • Nausea and vomiting are signs and symptoms associated with both mild and severe TBIs.
  • People with TBIs may struggle with coordination and have challenges communicating, comprehending, and completing simple tasks. 
  • If someone you know has experienced a head injury, be aware that they may show signs of depression or have mood swings where they exhibit impulsive and angry behaviors. 
  • After the injury, TBI patients may have fluid leaking from the ears or nose. This is cerebral spinal fluid, a sign of a severe injury. 

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