When you visit our website, we openly claim that we are not afraid to take your case to trial and have the experience to do so. There is a fundamental difference between being prepared to go to trial and taking a case to settle to avoid it. Without casting aspersions or criticism on anyone, some firms prefer to work in volume. Due to the number of cases they take, they are skilled at getting results quickly (which will still take several months to a year) through settlement offers. 

When we state that we are prepared to go to trial, we convey that we take the opposite approach. Your needs and case dictate our route; we don’t accept clients under the premise that we must settle. We also don’t assume your case must go to trial either. The conditions dictate the response. 

Why Shouldn’t I Settle Quickly?

Though personal injury cases usually operate on a contingency basis, meaning your attorney only gets paid when you do, other forms of civil litigation can be costly. Regardless of the type of case, there can be a lot of uncertainty regarding litigation. That said, understand that we consider this when we map out a strategy to compensate you justifiably. There will be several instances when it could be in your best interest to settle because the amount offered is reasonable. The key difference with trial attorneys is that we don’t know where we will take your case until we learn more about you and your circumstances. 

There are also many reasons why settling may not be in your best interest. For example, the injuries you sustain may worsen over time. In the past, we have discussed the danger of being too eager to accept a settlement check from an insurance company. Once you do, your case is over. Depending on the injury you sustained, the costs associated with your medical bills may extend far beyond the initial costs. The more time we have to work with your case, the more we can access the full extent of your medical bills, pain and suffering, and how much money you lost due to being unable to work. 

People who are involved in personal injuries may feel backed into a corner. There is a real sense of pressure when you have mounting medical bills added to losing an income. Unfortunately, your mortgage is still due, and your family may be counting on you to provide for them. Insurance companies know how eager you may be to get past this, which is why taking the quick settlement is so tempting. We know this because attorney Trevor Beaty used to work for insurance companies. 

When you feel this way, tell your attorney. At our core, a lawyer is a problem solver. For example, what can you do when facing excessive medical bills you cannot pay? In Texas, we have hospital and emergency services liens, commonly called hospital liens. This enables medical professionals to claim compensation through the money we seek for you. This is a key reason why personal injury cases exist. You should not have to absorb these potentially substantial charges after being injured through another person’s negligence. 

Speak to an Attorney, Not an Adjuster 

An adjuster represents an insurance company, and your attorney works for you. When you choose Beaty Legal, PLLC, we allow your case to dictate how we pursue the best possible solution for you. Before accepting an offer, you owe to yourself and your future to consult with an attorney with extensive experience handling these situations. Don’t accept less than what you deserve. Contact our office today by calling (903) 287-5121 to schedule your consultation.

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